Above and beyond, because, why not?

Blog by Dawn Button, Button Graphic Design

Ever sent something to print, or hit send to your client base, only to discover there’s an error (argh!), when it’s too late to rectify without redoing?

I’m a senior graphic designer with over 25 years experience in turning brands into reality and helping businesses flourish through their communications. Over the course of my career, I gradually picked up additional tasks automatically as I saw the continual issue many of my time-poor clients face - attention to detail.

I’ve lost count of the number of times clients have approved their own wording ready for the final design phase, only to find it riddled with mistakes as I prepare it for layout. As a graphic designer, it’s my clients copy, and I could let it go through as it is; after all, it has been approved. But that benefits neither the client nor their business, and I believe my job is to ensure my clients present the very best communications possible.

Whether its a brochure, display, or simply a tagline, clients have pulled together what they can and given it a read through, whilst managing a myriad of other tasks, and there is a common problem known as inattentional or perceptual blindness. This happens because our brains can subconsciously fix spelling mistakes as we read, hence errors may creep in or remain unnoticed in copy, especially after it’s been read a few times.

When I come to design and read through the client’s original with a fresh pair of eyes, I frequently pick up errors and oversights, inconsistencies and anomalies that are rectified before the client even gets the initial draft.

From proofreading and copywriting to creating taglines or intro paragraphs, it’s all part of the service that you get from employing experienced professionals who love to help and genuinely care about your business success.