The welcome resurgence of heritage design

Blog by Dawn Button, Button Graphic Design

Old is the new new

As a graphic designer of considerable experience  (cough, cough), two of my lifelong passions are typography and illustration throughout the ages, from Neanderthal cave art to beautiful, hand-drawn, gilded images in ancient scripts, signwriters’ work of old, car logos, book covers … you get the idea! I love old safe and bottle labels, signage from ancient Rome, creative typography from the humble beginnings of print, posters for travel by sea, Victorian swag and Dickensian flourish.

The complexity of labels and signs from the past few centuries have always been firm favourites, so I was delighted to discover a fast-growing business interest in this style of vintage design, in complete contrast to the corporate, sleek and minimalist current trend. Heritage styling lends itself particularly well to logos, labels and signage; and by an amazing coincidence, that’s what I design!

Heritage design is complex but clearly legible, beautifully detailed, and immediately stands out in a crowded market for a vast range of businesses and clubs. It speaks about who you are before a customer even makes contact, conveying solidity, class and timelessness modern design often fails to achieve on first glance.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the simplicity of a san serif font as a single identity, but when everyone else has the same branding, how will you stand out? Could the answer simply be by choosing to go with something you love that identifies you as a business or service, rather than follow the crowd?

I love producing heritage-style logos, signs and decals. Please feel free to contact me to have a chat about your project.